36 Under-known Apps you May Love to Use

During this lockdown, the mobile phone has become the medium for most of our interactions. Whether it be learning, chatting or playing games, almost everything got ONLINE.

During this lockdown, I found several apps to be useful, and I thought of sharing them with you all! Here is a list of some apps, which you may love to use but aren’t very popular (yet). I have listed about 36 apps, but the 6 Apps in Bold are Must-Try!


DeepStash — This app distils articles to the key ideas they hold. Great app for learning on the go. Without ads and in-app purchases. A must-have app for life-long learners, sophophiles and epistemophiles.

Sintelly — Another amazing app for learning which focuses on various aspects of Emotional Intelligence and Psychology with Articles, Quizzes, Discussions.

Knudge Great app for improving English, has got several courses on Vocabulary, Grammar, Idioms and Phrases based on bit-size learning. It also has some amazing games for improving English.

Learning Languages

Duolingo — I’m loving Learning French on this app. It brings gameplay into language learning and I managed to keep learning consistently for about 100 days now.

Memrise — Earlier, I used this app to learn French. It was good and has a different technique for language learning. Some may like it over Duolingo.

The aforementioned apps have courses for Foreign Languages and Hindi only, If you looking for learning Indian Languages, these apps are what you need: Multibhashi & Language Curry

Lifestyle & Wellness

Krsna — This is an all in one app for Krsna Consciousness. From Daily Darshans from across the globe, Books, Music — Bhajans & Kirtans it has got you covered. The feature I found most useful is the Gita Reader with a tracker.

Having left behind my copy of Bhagavad Gita — As It Is in my hostel, this app helped me in continuing my Daily Gita Reading.

Gratitude: They are several Gratitude apps out there, these are few I found useful.

Happiness: Similarly, apps for Happiness —

  • Happego — An app for Happiness, based on setting goals and priming intentions.
  • Happify — App with Free and Paid courses for happier living.


Plato — It’s an amazing app which brings gaming and group chats in one place. You can play Pool, Bowling, Basketball, Table Soccer, Chess, UNO and many other games.

Other games I found cool — Tennis Clash, Brain Wars, QuizUp, Alto’s Adventure

Special Mention: Hero Rescue — If you play any game with ads, you must have come across the exciting fake ads of GardenScapes, HomeScapes and might have got disappointed by the actual gameplay of those apps. And here is this app — Hero Rescue which has the gameplay which excited you.


VFlat — Useful app for scanning books, comes with automated Page Flattering and Fingermark removal.

Adobe Scan, Microsoft Lens, NoteBloc are other scanning apps you can try out as alternatives for CamScanner.

Books & Reading

Underline — Nice app for making notes from the books you read and you can find interesting Insights from other books.

Any Book Summary — Free app with amazing book summaries of many bestsellers.

Time Scheduling

Ike /4.Do — Task Schedulers following the Technique of 4 Quadrants. Ike is more minimal than 4.Do


Canva — Best app for designing especially for beginners, the app has got amazing templates customized for all kinds of social media posting.

Desygner — Another cool app for beginners in designing, I felt that it has a better UI on PC than that of Canva. But, Canva has got better templates.

Adobe Spark is another option you can try out for designing.


Unfold — A Must-have app for cool Insta stories.

Story Saver — Do you struggle with saving Insta stories that you like? Or with taking a screenshot of templates for various challenges? Then this app is for you.


Fooview — A great tool with App Drawer, Screenshot, Screen Recording, Text Recognition and many cool utilities.

Feedly — Useful app for customising your news. In other words, it brings all the updates, articles and news from all the sites you want at one place.

Pushbullet — App for hassle-free data sharing between all your devices. Also, helps you to get your SMS from your mobile to your PC notifications.


Swiftkey Keyboard (recently acquired by Microsoft): Smart & Intelligent Keyboard that learns from you. With easy integration of various languages and It also has got cool themes.

Drupe Dialer: A Gesture controlled dialer which can be a cool alternative for your default dialer with in-build Caller ID, Spam Detector, Call Blocker and other features.

This is it, for now. Will come up with more useful content. Stay Tuned to Neeraj Alavelli.

Let me know which among the above apps you found useful. Also, comment below about your favourite apps which are yet to be popular.



Senior Engineer @ TCS | IIT (BHU) CSE Batch of '21 Bibliophile | Writer | Thinker | Traveller | Altruist | Spiritualist | Devotee

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Neeraj Alavelli

Senior Engineer @ TCS | IIT (BHU) CSE Batch of '21 Bibliophile | Writer | Thinker | Traveller | Altruist | Spiritualist | Devotee