A Perspective: On Cinema & Society — Part #1

Neeraj Alavelli
2 min readOct 20, 2022


There are two frenzies in India. One is Cricket, And the Other is Cinema.

How does this frenzy for movies impact the nation? Do movies have an impact on the mindset and lifestyle of people?

Perspective #1: Movies just show the truth of society.

Perspective #2: Movies impact society’s trends, people’s lifestyles and mindsets.

Unfortunately, many creators deny the second perspective and hold Perspective #1 as truth and try to put themselves as not responsible for society.

But the truth is that both perspectives are true. Movies pick things that happen not very commonly and amplify them to a huge audience.

Based on the widely accepted principle of Good In Good Out; Garbage In Garbage Out. There is no way we can deny that any piece of content — video, audio, text or multimedia — when consumed would generate relevant thoughts.

When this argument is put. Creators simply say that it is up to the viewer’s discretion, and they are not responsible for how their content impacts their viewers and society at large.

Only if the creators of widely viewed movies understand the potential of cinema and accept their responsibility towards society. So much change can happen on many fronts. Kudos to all the socially responsible creators.



Neeraj Alavelli

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