A Perspective: On COVID-19

COVID-19 has shaken the believed-to-be-unbreakable glass skycrapers that we have built. It reminded us how fragile our lives have become. Work, Gym, Movies, Parties, Social Get-Togethers all are gone for a toss.

A virus which is invisible has shaken the world and the advancement in science and civilization we boast of stands belittled.

Two weeks of lockdown has churned many random thoughts about the Pandemic outbreak and the inflicted lockdown. Here are some random thoughts and insights on COVID-19.

Putting COVID-19 into perspective

The unprecedented predicament that has taken over the world causing global trauma has evoked our greatest fears — Disease and Death. To put the current situation into perspective, I request you to read A Perspective: On Problems

The miseries of this world are of three classes — also called Tritāpas. Namely adhyātmika, adhibhautika, adhidaivika. This being an adhibhautika kleśa is beyond individual control and we all know how it can be controlled partially — Social Distancing.

The current situation is a hybrid of the two situations. There are things which we can do something about and there are things which we can’t do anything and can’t control. And there are those which can be controlled partially. What can we do about this situation? Let us see!

Insights on the impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 has its impact at various levels. Many damaging but some enriching.

Negative Impacts of COVID-19

  • Death and Illness — Only Doctors can help it.
  • Fear and Trauma of Disease — Staying Home is prevention.
  • Anxiety about Jobs, Recession, Paycuts, Economic Uncertainty — It is certainly beyond your control, what you can just do is to learn new skills, get more flexible in your job profile and Conquer Change.
  • Hunger — This can be fought if we work together — effectively and efficiently. If you can give a little of the excess you have got, everyone’s needs can be met. Do your bit by contributing to Food Relief programs. I have done my bit here.
  • Boredom — Rejoice that you are living in the digital age.

These clouds of negative impact have got some amazing “Silver Linings” which deserve our focus.

The Positive Side of the COVID-19 Impact

The PAUSE: COVID-19 has served a much-needed Pause — Giving time for rejuvenation for nature and for us.

With Lockdown in force, the emissions from Vehicles and Industries must have decreased significantly and the results are evident. Whether it be the Mountain Range in Himachal visible from Punjab or 40–50% cleaner Ganga or the improved Air Quality Levels.

And for most of us, it gave more time for introspection, retrospection and rejuvenation.

Important Reminders and Deep Realizations:

The Pandemic outbreak has given serious reminders and realizations about life and the world.

  • A year ago, would you have believed that the world can stand still for some months? No right? We were living in an illusion of a fast-paced life surviving the cut-throat competition.
  • Someone in China ate an undercooked bat and the whole world is staying home. This shows how interconnected and interdependent we are.
  • We now realize what’s essential and what’s not. We can now point out many things which we can do away with and recognize things that we were taking for granted.
  • We are reminded that we cannot control nature and neither are we the proprietors of the world.

PROVING some traditions and texts

Śaucam(Cleanliness and Hygiene) and Namaskaram are essentially practiced in the Indian etiquette which now proves to have some meaning. Besides these, One aphorism of Chanakya Pandita which I couldn’t figure out why started to make perfect sense now which says that “Nearer the place of work of Man — Happier he is”

How are people recovering?

I was wondering how people are recovering. And I understood that it is mostly by immunity. Doctors are treating them, but who is curing them? And I was reminded of this quote I found a health center wall “We treat, He cures”

The Way Out

I am unable to see how we are going to get over this. Flattening the curve is real, but to be able to flatten the curve in India would take months or years. With about a two-week-long Incubation period of the virus, it gets difficult to prevent the spread without lockdown.

I see two ways out — One way is to announce to people to acquire essential foodstuffs for 2 weeks and impose a stricter lockdown for at least two weeks which would badly affect the economy badly.

The other way is more difficult but probably more certain, which is boosting immunity. Giving up some toxic habits and inculcating some healthy practices can boost immunity.

What to do Staying Home?

Staying home gave us more time for the things for which we believed we never had time.

Meditate, Workout, Journal

Learn a new skill, Learn a Language, Learn a Musical Instrument

Read a Book, Pen out a letter or a piece, Draw/Make something.

Call, Write letters, Explore Photo Albums, Draw your Family Tree.

Explore new Hobbies and progressive Habits.

And needless to say, Play Games, Watch Movies.

But remember this is a precious time for growth and making or breaking habits. What you do now every day can certainly become a habit thereafter.

Finally 4 words for Staying Home:

GROWTH: Growth is painful. But, what is even more painful is the regret of being stuck in the same old obsolete version of yourself.

CHOICE: I know that all the things recommended above are easier said than done. But what matters is your choice. Choose Education over Entertainment. Entertainment is easy but is of almost no worth.

HOPE: Victor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning” portrays how Hope was the key quality of those who survived the Concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Hope is even more essential now to survive this pandemic.

FAITH: To transcend the fear of the invisible virus, have Faith in the invisible God. Pray, Meditate, Peace.

Remember, A negative situation cannot always be changed to be a positive one, but surely one can perceive the negative situation in a positive spirit.

Quote source ~ Ramayana: Game of Life Book 2 by Shubha Vilas




AMTS @ Envestnet Yodlee IIT (BHU) CSE Batch of '21 Bibliophile | Writer | Thinker | Traveller | Altruist | Spiritualist | Devotee

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Neeraj Alavelli

Neeraj Alavelli

AMTS @ Envestnet Yodlee IIT (BHU) CSE Batch of '21 Bibliophile | Writer | Thinker | Traveller | Altruist | Spiritualist | Devotee

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