A Perspective: On Illusion

Lust, Anger, Greed, Pride, Envy, and Illusion(kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya). Illusion — One of the six anarthas., I guess it is the toughest anartha to identify because it being Illusion and when illuded, you wouldn’t know that it is an illusion.

We live in a world we live in is no less than the Mayasabha — The Palace of Illusions — with Money, Sexual Pleasure, Prestige, and Designations being some of the top shows of Illusory Magic.

Money is needed for living a good life. How much money?

Sex is the topmost pleasure one is supposed to seek, but really? Is every non-virgin human happy?

People get ready to take lives or give away their life for Prestige, at least in stories. But is there a human on this earth who is appreciated by every person who knows them?

Do designations and positions mean anything if there is no contribution at an equivalent level?

All said and done, how does one break out of it? Is there a way out of it.

Even if you try to find the truth, the reality. Isn’t there a good chance of it being an illusion as well?

Let’s take this case, the insects that swarm around lights in the post-monsoon season live for no more than 15 mins. But in the 5–10 minutes of their active life, they can together create havoc in someone’s home and day. But after 15 mins, they are no more.

From the Insect’s POV, it might be believing that it achieves something by being so restless, but does it really? I leave it for you to think upon.

A span of 15 mins nothing for us but a fraction who expect to live for 50–100 (3506325.11*15min = 100 yrs). We may mock the foolishness of the restless insect. But isn’t 100 years the same (even lesser) for the earth (45430000*100yrs = Earth’s age)

And we think we can achieve a lot by hustling, being restless and unsettled throughout life. Can we? Is it an Illusion or is it not?

That is my 30mins for today. (Hope to) see you tomorrow.



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Neeraj Alavelli

AMTS @ Envestnet Yodlee IIT (BHU) CSE Batch of '21 Bibliophile | Writer | Thinker | Traveller | Altruist | Spiritualist | Devotee